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Electron Beam Status Display - Electron Storage Ring
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Test Facilities

IBPT operates Test Facilites in the field of Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology to establish KIT as a leading accelerator and detector technology lab.

Karlsruhe Research Accelerator

The Karlsruhe Research Accelerator (in short KARA) serves as a platform for development and testing of new beam and acceleration technologies, pooling research of new accelerator concepts, and development of new detectors. Learn more ...

Electron Beam Status of the 110-m 2.5 GeV lectron storage ring.

Ferninfrarot Linac- und Test-Experiment

The Ferninfrarot Linac- und Test-Experiment (in short FLUTE), a far-infrared linac and test experiment, serves as an accelerator test facility for a variety of accelerator physics studies, also providing coherent radiation in ultra-short, very intense, light pulses spanning the terahertz and far-infrared spectral range and beyond. Learn more ...


Cryogen-free test stands to perform quality certifications of new superconducting insertion devices (ID) and prototype coils.