Partner Institutes

Partner institutes and collaborations operate beamlines and/or endstations at the KIT Light Source.
For inquiries and access conditions contact the coordination office and/or the institutes.

  • IBG - Institute for Biological Interfaces (UV-CD12, the SRCD/-OCD-endstation moves in 2022 to the DISCO beamline at SOLEIL) 
  • IFP -  Institute for Solid State Physics (WERA)
  • IMT - Institute of Microstructure Technology (LIGA ILIGA IILIGA III)
  • INE - Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal (Beamlines: CAT-ACT (ACT experimental station), INE)
  • IKFT - Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology / ITCP - Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry (CAT-ACT (CAT experimental station))
  • IPS - Institute for Photon Science and Synchrotron Radiation (imaging, scattering, and spectroscopy beamlines)
  • MPI for Solid State Research - Stuttgart (MPI beamline)