KITTEN is a union of two unique entities: KARA and the Energy Lab 2.0.

The Energy Lab 2.0 at KIT is Europe's largest research infrastructure for renewable energy.


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The KIT Testfeld für Energieeffizienz und Netzstabilität in großen Forschungsinfrastrukturen (KITTEN) is a joint test field of KARA and Energy Lab 2.0 and researches energy solutions for energy efficiency and grid stability in large-scale research infrastructures.

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Link Karlsruhe Research Accelerator (KARA)
Link Energy Lab 2.0, Europe's largest research infrastructure for renewable energy

Transfer and Outreach

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Link KIT press release on KITTENDesigning Large Accelerators for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
New KIT Test Center for Energy-efficiency and Grid Stability in Large Research Infrastructures
Link Inauguration of KITTEN
within framework program and transfer events of "Code of the Universe" incl. Vernissage, Afternoon Science, Podium Discussion - link


[C] = Coordinator, "Link" leads to more detailed project information incl. funding agency and funding volume.

Links Description Startdate Enddate
Link Project: Innovation pool project for Energy Efficient Accelerators (InnovEEA), KIT with Partners in the Helmholtz Association
[C] S. Grohmann (KIT ITTK - Institut für Technische Thermodynamik und Kältetechnik - Refrigeration and Cryogenics)
2021/01 2023/12
Link Project: BMBF ErUM-Pro Materie - ACCelerator Energy System Stability (ACCESS), KIT with TU Darmstadt
[C] G. De Carne (KIT ITEP - Institute for Technical Physics - Real Time System Integration)
2022/10 2025/09
Link Project: Research Facility 2.0: Towards a more energy-efficient and sustainable path
[C] G. De Carne (KIT ITEP - Institute for Technical Physics - Real Time System Integration)
2024/01 2026/12