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2020 December back to top
Germany 25.-26. National holidays  
IPAC 05. (TBC) Deadline Abstracts/Grant applications 23.-28. May 2021 - Link Foz do Iguazu, Brazil
DPG 01. (TBC) Deadline Abstracts - 15.-19. March 2021 - Link Dortmund
MicroTCA 01.-03. 9th MicroTCA Workshop for Industry and Research Link DESY, Hamburg
2020 November back to top
ESLS TBD The 28th European Synchrotron Light Sources Workshop Link (TBC) TBD
FCC 09.-13. Future Circular Collider Innovation Study (FCCIS), Kickoff Link Default: online
in-person at CERN
IRMMW-THz 2020 08.-13. 45th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) Link Buffalo, New York, USA
ESLS-RF 04.-06. 24th ESLS-RF Meeting Link (TBC) KIT IBPT, online meeting
WiSe 2020/21 02. Start of teaching period at KIT (Beginn Vorlesungszeit) Link
end of teaching period 20. Feb. 2021
Germany 01. Baden-Württemberg holiday  
2020 October back to top
Die Maus cancelled Maus-Türöffner-Tag am KIT Link - Teilchenbeschleuniger: Link Schülerlabor: Link postponed to 2021
Germany 03. National holiday  
KIT TBD Ingenieurklausur KIT CS
KIT TBD Master-Orientation-Phase, Tour of FLUTE and KARA, Fachschaft Physik KIT CN
2020 September back to top
MT-ARD-ST3 23.-24. Virtual MT-ARD Suptopic 3 Annual Meeting Link
23. Sep 2020, 14-17, 24. Sep 2020, 9-17
KIT, Karlsruhe
IBIC'20 13.-17.
Next meeting: IBPC'21 in Korea
The 9th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (remote meeting) Link
Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil
postponed to 2023, online in 2020
KfB 07.-08. KfB-Meeting for preparation of BMBF-Verbundforschung projects Link  GSI, Darmstadt
2020 August back to top
LINAC'20 30.-04. 30th International Linear Accelerator Conference Link
Smaller event online.
Liverpool, UK
2020 July back to top
SoSe2020 24. End of teaching period at KIT (Ende Vorlesungszeit) Link KIT CS
ILA 17. 12:00 20. ILA Meeting KIT-IBPT
MEDSI'20 13.-17. 11th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering Design of Synchrotron Radiation Equipment and Instrumentation Link

Chicago, USA

Matter 08.-09.
Online Meeting of the KIT Advisory Board Matter KIT
Machine Learning 07.-10. 3rd ICFA Beam Dynamics Mini-Workshop on Machine Learning Applications for Charged Particle Accelerators Link (abstract submission and by invitation only)

Seoul, South Korea

2020 June back to top
MT [17.-18.]
6. Annual MT meeting Link
February 01.-03., 2021, face-2-face meeting postponed

FZJ, Jülich

DEELS 2020 16. Diagnostics Experts of European Light Sources 2020 Link
KIT contribution: Link
Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and ALBA
MT 15.-16.
Sixth MT student retreat
February 03.-04., 2021

FZJ, Jülich

Long. Diag. 08.-10. 11th Workshop on Longitudinal Electron Bunch Diagnostics
Novermber, 2020

PhLAM, U. of Lille, France

ILA 04. 15:30 19. ILA Meeting KIT-IBPT
2020 May back to top
Germany 21. National holiday  
IPAC 10.-15. IPAC20 - 11th International Particle Accelerator Conference Link
Caen, France
Germany 1. National holiday  
2020 April back to top
SoSe 2020 20. Start of teaching period at KIT (Beginn Vorlesungszeit) Link KIT CS
Germany 13. National holiday  
Germany 10. National holiday  
2020 March back to top
Girls Day 26. Girls Day 2020 am KIT Link
KIT canceled
HERCULES 16.-20. HERCULES European School - Tutorials and Hands-on Practicals Link

KIT CN canceled

DPG [17.-18.] DPG-Frühjahrstagung - Video-Streaming Conference: Link Online Streaming
DPG 15.-20. DPG-Frühjahrstagung (Spring Meeting, Arbeitskreis Beschleunigerphysik) Link
Dresden canceled
2020 February back to top
KSETA 19.-21. 7th KSETA Plenary Workshop 2020Link Durbach
WiSe 2019/20 08. End of teaching period at KIT (Ende Vorlesungszeit) Link KIT CS
jDPG 03. 17:00 "Arbeitsgruppen stellen sich vor" KIT CS, Gaede-Foyer
2020 January back to top
POF 27.-30. Meeting Matter Berlin
POF 20.-21. Meeting Matter Berlin
POF 09.-10. Meeting Matter DESY Hamburg
Germany 06. Baden-Württemberg holiday  
Germany 01. National holiday