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FLS post-
65th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Future Light Sources (FLS 2022) Link Lucerne, Switzerland, postponed to 2023
2022 December back to top
Germany 25.-26. National holidays  
2022 November back to top
DPG 24.-27. German Female Physicists' Conference (Deutsche PhysikerinnentagungLink Karlsruhe
Germany 01. Baden-Württemberg holiday  
2022 October back to top
WIRMS 06.-09. 11th International Workshop on Infrared Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Accelerator Based Sources (WIRMS2022) Link Hiroshima, Japan
ERL 22 03.-06. International Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs (ERL 22) - Announcment
Link - Abstracts Deadline: 1 August
Cornell University, USA
Die Maus 03. Maus-Türöffner-Tag Link (Anmeldeschluss für Veranstalter:in 4. Sep)  
Germany 03. National holiday  
2022 September back to top
ESSRI 29.-30. 6th workshop on Energy for sustainable science at research infrastructures (ESSRI 2022) Link ESRF Auditorium, France
MT 28. 09:00
28. 22:00
Student Retreat after 8. Annual MT Meeting Link - in-person FZJ, Jülich
MT 26. 08:30
27. 22:00
8. Annual MT Meeting Link - in-person FZJ, Jülich
eeFACT 12.-15. 64th ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Luminosity Circular e+e- Colliders eeFACT22 Link INFN, Frascati, Italy
IBIC 11.-15 11th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2021) Link
Early registration: 25 April 2022. Abstracts Deadline: 15 May 2022 
Krakow, Poland
MT-ARD-ST3 07.-09. MT-ARD Subtopic 3 Annual Meeting
Link at indico for organization - Link at HZB for registration/fee/etc.
HZB, Berlin
SNI2022 05.-07. German Conference for Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities (SNI) Link FU Berlin
2022 August back to top
IRMMW-THz 28.-02. 47th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz 2022) -  Abstract Deadline: 25. March - Link TU Delft, Netherlands
2022 July back to top
KIT KCETA 30. 15:00
30. 19:00
Afternoon Science: High-Tech für Teilchenbeschleuniger und Gravitationswellenexperimente - Link Triangel am Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe
Institutsversammlung 28. 10:00 IBPT institute's assembly meeting - hybrid (seminar room and teams link) KIT, Campus North, Bldg. 348
KIT KCETA 27. 15:00
27. 19:00
Afternoon Science: Teilchenbeschleuniger von morgen – designed @ KIT - Link Triangel am Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe
KIT KCETA 26. 19:30
26. 22:00
Vortrag im Rahmen der Reihe EFFEKTE: Antimaterie, Dunkle Materie, neue Materie?
Prof. Dr. Anke-Susanne Müller (Einführung Ausstellung), Prof. Dr. Torben Ferber (Antimaterie), Dr. Belina von Krosigk (Dunkle Materie), Prof. Dr. Felix Kahlhoefer (Neue Materie) - Link
Triangel am Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe
KIT IBPT 21. 17:00
21. 21:00
Inauguration "New joint KARA & Energy Lab 2.0 test field KITTEN for energy efficiency and grid stability" KIT, Campus North, Bldg. 348
KIT KCETA 21. 15:30
21. 16:30
Podiumsdiskussion "Kommen große Forschungsinfrastrukturen an ihre Grenzen - Neue Energiekonzepte für die Forschung der Zukunft" - Link Triangel am Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe
KIT 19. 14:00
19. 17:00
Exkursion mit Mod Ex Phys III an den CN KIT, Campus North, KARA et al.
KIT KCETA 16.07. 0-24h
11.08. 0-24h
Ausstellung CODE DES UNIVERSUMS Link - Wanderausstellung: Link Kronenplatz Karlsruhe
2022 June back to top
Long. Diag. 29.-01. 11th Workshop on Longitudinal Electron Bunch Diagnostics Link Lille, France
LEL 2022 26.-29. 3rd Workshop on Low Emittance Lattice Design - LEL 2022 Link ALBA, Barcelona, Spain
KIT 24. 15:15/:30 Tour visit KIT FLUTE
KIT - Humboldt 23. 14:00
23. 18:00
17th Humboldt-Tag at KIT Link KIT, Campus South, Senate Hall, Building 11.20
ILA 23. 13:30 21. ILA Meeting KIT IBPT
KIT 22. 09:30
22. 10:30
Tour visit with KIT PPQ for new clean room and TW laser system KIT IBPT
Germany 16. Baden-Württemberg holiday  
IPAC 12.-17. 13th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC’22)  Link Bangkok, Thailand
DEELS 07.-08. 9th workshop Diagnostics Expert of European Light Sources (DEELS ‘22)  Link
(deadline Abstracts: 27 May)
HZB, Berlin, in-person
Germany 05.-06. National holidays (Pfingstsonntag und -montag)  
Matter 02. 14:00
03. 18:30
Meeting of the KIT Advisory Board Matter, by invitation only KIT, hybrid: online & in-person
2022 May back to top
Fraunhofer 31.-01. 10. Internationaler Workshop zu Terahertz-Technologie und -Anwendungen Link
Deadline for a contribution: 31. March (planned in-person)
Kaiserslautern, Germany
FCC 30.-03. FCC week (in-person and online = hybrid) Link - registration Paris, France, hybrid
ANR-DFG 30.-01. 2nd ULTRASYNC meeting SOLEIL, France, hybrid
Germany 26. National holiday  
2022 April back to top
CDCS 26.-28. CDCS Opening Symposium "Data Science in Cross-Disciplinary Research" Link
(deadline Abstracts: 22 March)
iFAST 25.-29. iFAST digital workshop "Beam diagnostics and dynamics in ultra-low emittance rings"
KIT, online
Germany 17.-18. National holidays (Ostersonntag und -montag)  
Germany 15. National holiday  
KIT 07. 09:00
07. 13:00
Fachgespräch des FB Materie am KIT, by invitation only  KIT, online
KIT 05. 15:00
05. 17:00
KARA Lenkungsausschuss, by invitation only KIT, online
2022 March back to top
ErUM-Data 30.-31. DIG-UM with ErUM-Data-Hub event: Deep Learning Train-the-Trainer workshop Link Aachen, in-person
IP InnovEEA 30. III. InnovEEA Project Meeting Link KIT, online
SRI 28.-01. International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (SRI 2021) Link Hamburg
DPG 28.-01. DPG-Frühjahrstagung Link Mainz, fully online
MathSEE 28. 14:00
28. 16:00
MathSEE Lenkungsausschussitzung, by invitation only KIT, online
HERCULES 21.-25. HERCULES European School 2022 at KIT Link - Link to EU school KIT
2022 February back to top
  28. Rosenmontag  
FCC 07.-11. 5th FCC physics workshop Link - registration deadline 04. Feb. fully online
MathSEE 07. KIT im Rathaus Link Bürgersaal, Karlsruhe
jDPG 07. Digitale Arbeitsgruppenvorstellung: "Arbeitsgruppen stellen sich vor" Link KIT, online
2022 January back to top
iFAST 31.-08. "Extreme Storage Ring" Workshop (ESRW22) Link, registration anytime online
IPAC 24. Deadline IPAC Abstracts Submission Link  
DIG-UM 20. Digital Community Meeting for Inauguration of DIG-UM Link Info: Guidelines online (zoom,
DPG 15. Deadline DPG Abstracts Submission Link  
Germany 06. Baden-Württemberg holiday  
Germany 01. National holiday  
2021 December back to top
Germany 25.-26. National holidays  
IP ACCLAIM 14.-15. Innovationspool ACCLAIM Annual Meeting Link DESY, in-person with onlineconnection
Institutsversammlung 13. IBPT institute's assembly meeting KIT IBPT
DMLab 09.-10. IRL DMLab Scientific Kick-Off Meeting Link - DMLab website  
MicroTCA 07.-09. 10th MicroTCA Workshop for Industry and Research Link DESY, Hamburg
CASUS 06.-09. Digital Twins of Complex Systems Link - CASUS Annual Workshop online
FLS 03. Deadline FLS Abstract Submission Link  
2021 November back to top
ESLS 24.-25. 29th European Synchrotron Light Source Workshop Link ESRF, zoom, online
22. 1st Workshop of the KIT centers KCETA and MathSEE (number of participants in-person limited to 25, status: 11 Nov) Link KIT, to be decided
KIT 16. Mitarbeitendenunterweisungen - safety training KIT, hybrid or online
I.FAST 15.-16. I.FAST Open Steering Committee Link   
MicroTCA 15. Deadline MicroTCA Workshop Abstract Submission Link (open to all I.FAST community)  
MathSEE 12. MathSEE member assembly online
KIT 11. 16. Humboldt-Tag am KIT Link to register Link online
IP InnovEEA 10. Innovationspool InnovEEA Workshop Link KIT, online
KIT 05. Presentation of the Julius Wess Prize of the KIT Center Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics (KCETA) to Professor Dr. Mark B. Wise Link (register by 21 Oct via indico) KIT CS, Audimax (bldg. 30.95)
Germany 1. Baden-Württemberg holiday  
ErUM-Pro Materie 1. Deadline ErUM-Pro Materie proposal submission Link Easy-online
2021 October back to top
IP ACCLAIM 22. Innovationspool ACCLAIM Meeting Link online
KIT 21. Betriebsausflug / company outing KIT IBPT
LEAPS 20.-22. 4th LEAPS Plenary Meeting Link (internal 20./9:00-13:00, public 21./9:00 - 22./13:00) ALBA, online
KIT 20. Mitarbeitendenunterweisung - safety training KIT, hybrid or online
ICALEPCS 18.-22. 18th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems (ICALEPCS 2021) Link Shanghai, China
KIT 12. Student Orientation (O-Phase, first semester students) with Fachschaft Physik
Accelerator Tours (KARA, FLUTE, ...)
AI STAR 5.-6. Artificial Intelligence Symposium on Theory, Application and Research (AI STAR) Link GSI, Darmstadt
KIT 5. Fachgespräch des FB Materie am KIT, by invitation only KIT, online
Germany 3. National holiday  
2021 September back to top
MT-ARD-ST3 29.-01. MT-ARD Subtopic 3 Annual Meeting Link Hamburg, online
Helmholtz 29. Workshop "Open Search @ Helmholtz" - 09:45-15:30
Towards open and unbiased search for web-based data and information in science - Link
KIT 28. Presentation of projects FLUTE, ATHENA, cSTART, by invitation only KIT CN B401 R410
EuroNNAC 23. European Network for Novel Accelerators - Network meeting Link INFN LNF, Italy, hybrid
DPG AKBP 22. Symposium "Moderne Leptonenbeschleuniger" incl. Laudatio and Bestowal of DPG AKBP awards such as “Young scientist price of AKBPLink Mainz, hybrid
EAAC2021 20.-22. 5th European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop Link INFN LNF, Italy, hybrid
IP ACCLAIM 17. Innovationspool ACCLAIM Meeting Link online
IBIC 13.-17.  10th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2021) Link
Day 1 - start 22:00, Last day - end 0:100 (Seoul, Korea time zone)
Korea, online
HZB School 10.-17. 2nd HZB Machine Learning Summer School 2021 Link Berlin
HeKKSaGOn 9.-10. HeKKSaGOn University Alliance - The 8th German-Japanese University Presidents’ Conference - “How universities can contribute to building healthy, safe and resilient societies” Link Japan, online
HeKKSaGOn 7.-8. Prerunner Meeting of the Workgroup Data Science in the HeKKSaGOn University Alliance Link Japan, online
EUCAS 5. 15th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS 2021) Link Moscow, Russia
KfB 1.-2. KfB-Workshop for preparation of ErUM-Pro projects (BMBF, Verbundforschung) Link Mainz, online
KfB 1. KfB Vollversammlung des Forum Link Dortmund, online
ErUM-Data 1. Deadline ErUM-Data proposal submission  
2021 August back to top
IP ACCLAIM 20. Innovationspool ACCLAIM Meeting Link online
2021 July back to top
PT-DESY 30. ErUM-Pro (Materie): Informationsveranstaltung by DESY Projektträger Link online
MEDSI'20 26.-29. 11th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering Design of Synchrotron Radiation Equipment and Instrumentation Link USA, online
IP ACCLAIM 23. Innovationspool ACCLAIM Meeting Link online
KCETA 21.-22. Internal meeting (by invitation only)  
KIT 08. Junge Talente - Wissenschaft und Musik, Presenter: Dr. M. Brosi, IBPT Link (Calendar) Link online
DEELS 07. 8th Workshop of Diagnostics Experts of European Light Sources (DEELS) Link Sesame, online
AIRA 05.-08. 1st AIRA Workshop - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Accelerators (by invitation only) Link online
ErUM-Data 01. 2nd Action Plan ErUM-Data Community Meeting Link online
2021 June back to top
KIT 29. KIT-Senats- und KIT-Fakultätsratswahlen 2021 Link KIT
FCC 28.
FCC Week 2021 Link online
Helmholtz 28. Helmholtz-Symposium „Forschungsinfrastrukturen der Zukunft“ - Helmholtz-Roadmap - Online Anmeldung/Registration required via Link online
IP ACCLAIM 25. Innovationspool ACCLAIM Meeting Link  online
ErUM-Data 24. Information Meeting on ErUM-Data and Call for Proposals by PT-DESY Link online
Plasma 23. 4th Townhall Meeting High Gradient Acceleration Plasma/Laser Link - Discussion of roadmap elements online
MT-ARD 17. ARD Management Board Meeting 03 (members only) online
MT 16.-18. 7. Annual MT Meeting Link online
EFFEKTE 12.-20. EFFEKTE week Link Karlsruhe
Matter 10.-11. Online Meeting of the KIT Advisory Board Matterby invitation only KIT, online
Germany 3. Baden-Württemberg holiday  
2021 May back to top
Plasma 31. 3rd Townhall Meeting High Gradient Acceleration Plasma/Laser Link - Input from the community online
IP ACCLAIM 28. Innovationspool ACCLAIM Meeting Link online
IPAC 24.-28. IPAC21 - 12th International Particle Accelerator Conference Link Foz do Iguazu, Brazil, online
Germany 24. National holiday  
Plasma 21. 2nd Townhall Meeting High Gradient Acceleration Plasma/Laser Link - Input from the community online
IPAC 19. Deadline paper submission  
KIT 18. Virtual Institute Event IBPT/LAS-BPT,
IPAC 14. Deadline poster and video upload  
Germany 13. National holiday  
LEAPS 11.-12. LEAPS Integrated Platform Workshop - LIP Workshop - Digital Twinning (DT), Machine Learning (ML) and Virtual Diagnostic (VD) - Link - contribution PSI, online
KIT 7. Physikalisches Kolloquium: »The LHeC Study of an ERL based Electron Proton Collider at LHC«, Bernhard Holzer, CERN, Link KIT, online
I.FAST 4. Kick-off meeting of I.FAST (Innovation Fostering in Accelerator Science and technology) Link CERN, online
2021 April back to top
KIT 30. Physikalisches Kolloquium: »PETRA IV«, Ilya Agapov, DESY, Link KIT, online
Industry 28.-30. 14th Industrial Exhibition Germany@CERN 2021 Link - indico CERN, online
I.FAST 27. EU I.FAST - WP13 ETIAM meeting CEA, online
ARIES 26. Workshop Energy Efficient Beam Transport Technologies Link GSI, Darmstadt, online
ARIES 22. ARIES Workshop online
IPAC 16. Deadline early registration  
KIT 09. Fachgespräch des FB Materie am KIT, by invitation only KIT, online
Germany 05. National holiday  
Germany 02. National holiday  
2021 March back to top
Plasma 30. 1st Townhall Meeting High Gradient Acceleration Plasma/Laser Link CERN, online
I.FAST 25. EU I.FAST - WP13 ETIAM meeting CEA, online
DPG 15.-19. DPG-Frühjahrstagung (Spring Meeting, Arbeitskreis Beschleunigerphysik, AKBP) Link Dortmund online
2021 February back to top
jDPG 15. Digitale Arbeitsgruppenvorstellung: "Arbeitsgruppen stellen sich vor" KIT, online
MT 01.-03. 7. Annual MT meeting Link - seventh MT student retreat Link DESY, online
2021 January back to top
IPAC 31. Deadline Abstracts/Grant applications 24.-28. May 2021 - Link Foz do Iguazu, Brazil, online
IP InnovEEA 25. Innovationspool InnovEEA Kick-Off-Meeting KIT, online
MathSEE 22. Workshop of the KIT Centers KCIST, MathSEE, Materials "Data Science for Materials Science" KIT, online
ErUM-Data 18.-19. Action Plan ErUM-Data Community meeting - Link online
DPG 15. Abstract Deadline: Link - 15.-19. March 2021 - AKBP in Dortmund: Link Dortmund
IP ACCLAIM 15. Innovationspool ACCLAIM Kick-Off-Meeting - Link DESY, online
Germany 06. Baden-Württemberg holiday  
Germany 01. National holiday