KIT-IBPT researchers show the potential of tuning the emitted frequency comb at accelerator based light-sources at ANKA which enables new ultra-high resolution spectroscopy and metrology applications from the terahertz to the X-ray region.Frequency-comb tuning in a Synchrotron Paves the Way to Novel Applications

KIT-IBPT researchers show frequency comb tuning at accelerator-based light-sources enabling applications from the terahertz to the X-ray region.

NanodiamantMaterials Research at Ultra-high Pressures

Research team including scientists from IBPT presents a new approach to generating pressures of up to a Terapascal

THZ Techniques"Terahertz Techniques" Published in Chinese: 太赫兹技术

"I think the book will contribute a lot to the education and research of such fields in China," Feng Liu from the translation team says.