Commercial Services KIT IBPT, Karlsruhe
Industrial Affairs

Commercial Services & Industry Collaborations are of high priority at KIT IBPT.
Partners benefit from R&D knowledge transfertechnology transfer.

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Commercial Superconducting Undulators Photo: M. Breig/KIT
Business fields at KIT IBPT

Synchrotron and Light Source Technology (Superconducting Undulators, ...)
Accelerator and magnet technology (Superconducting magnet technology, world-leading beam diagnostics for ultra-short bunches and photon pulses, ...)
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microworks GmbH Microworks GmbH
Industry Partner

microworks GmbH

High-precision microstructures made with X-ray and laser LIGA technology, X-ray components, X-ray lenses, ...

Commercial Services KIT IBPT, Karlsruhe
Commercial Services at Beamlines

Contact the KIT institutes operating beamlines: IBPT, IPS, IFP, IMT, INE, IKFT, and collaboration partners.