Magnet Characterization Facilities (MCF)

The MCF includes room-temperature, liquid helium (LHe) and cryogen-free test stands for superconducting, normal conducting and permanent magnet systems, prototype coils, winding schemes, new superconducting materials and wires, new field correction techniques, transverse-gradient undulators, and, in general, magnet systems.


Casper1 CASPER I is used as a test facility and an operating vertical cryostat, where coils with maximum dimensions of 35 cm length and 30 cm diameter can be immersed in liquid helium for testing (quench tests and local field measurements). Read more


CASPER2 Daigram CASPER II is a horizontal, cryogen-free test stand that will be used to perform quality certification of new superconducting systems and insertion devices up to 2 meters. It also tests small prototype coils in a cryogen-free environment. Read more


LASMagLab The installation of a high-end magnetic measuring bench for normal-conducting and permanent magnet-based accelerator magnets at LAS enables a detailed characterization of the FLUTE and LWFA beam transport magnets. The setup integrates different magnetic measurement techniques as 3D hall probe scans, stretched-wire and rotating-coil field integral measurements. Read more