Accelerator Facilities within the ATP (ALFA)

KIT - IBPT - KARA and FLUTEKIT - Institute for Beam Physics and Technology (IBPT)

The AcceLerator FAcilities (ALFA) within the Accelerator Technology Platform (ATP) include the synchrotron radiation source and the ultra-short-pulse terahertz source.

ALFA promotes and enables the development and testing of new radiation and accelerator technologies, which is especially important for the development of compact accelerators and related technologies.

ALFA supports photon science and research for the characterization of technological and biological processes with a focus on energy research, nano- and micro-technology as well as imaging methods in the life sciences. Free electrons in accelerators are unique sources for photon emission spanning an exceptional range from the microwave via terahertz, infrared, visible and UV frequencies well into the hard x-ray range, simultaneously.


  • Accelerator Technology Platform (ATP)
  • AcceLerator FAcilities (ALFA)
  • Karlsruhe Research Accelerator (KARA), the 110-m storage ring at KIT and 2.5-GeV synchrotron radiation source.
  • FLUTE, the compact far-infrared linear accelerator and test experiment and ultra-short-pulse terahertz (THz) source.