Compact accelerators: looking into matter with terahertz light

  • Date: July 2017
At the linear accelerator of FLUTE the KIT explores technologies for the accelerators of tomorrow and applications of terahertz radiation in science, industry and medicine.
Photoinjector of FLUTE

In materials research, chemistry, biology and medicine, the chemical bonds, and especially their dynamics, determine the properties of a system. And these can be investigated very precisely with terahertz radiation and short pulses. The FLUTE accelerator at the KIT will develop new accelerator technologies for compact and powerful terahertz sources as efficient tools for research and application.

The movie shows the working principle of FLUTE.

For further details see the press release of KIT (in German).

The FLUTE inauguration will take place on July 13th, 2017 starting at 15:00.