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Students and early-stage researchers

For early-stage, highly qualified, young scientists we offer at any time exciting B.Sc., M.Sc., and PhD theses in the field of accelerator physics and laser physics. We also offer hands-on experience in accelerator operations and laser experiments, which are key skills for the new accelerator and laser facilities being built around the world. These skills are of high interest in academia, large-scale research facilities and in industry.

For doctoral students and postdocs: The university education links to prominent KIT centers such as KCETA and graduate schools such as KSETA fostering learning, mentoring and teaching opportunities.

Doctoral researchers

Ideal candidates for PhD Positions would:

  • have fun in developing and testing new, unusual concepts in experiment and/or theory
  • be willing to push first ideas forward via numerical simulations to experiments
  • have a M.Sc./Diplom degree in physics (or electrical engineering with strong interest in physics)
  • have general knowledge in accelerator physics and optics or is a quick study
  • typically apply with a CV, names of referees, study performance overview, diplom or master certificate (if a certificate is already available).

Student workers

Early-stage, highly qualified students can participate in operations of an accelerator, laser experiments, information technologies including software development, research data management, research and teaching activities of the institute IBPT and the chair in accelerator physics at LAS. If specific tasks are endowed, it is possible to hire persons as SHK (studentische Hilfskraft, without a degree) and WHK (wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, with a degree) via paid KIT student worker contracts. Typical positions contain duties for 8 hours per week on average or more, for several months, a semester, or more, depending on the specific arrangements made with the respective tasks supervisor. Please apply with your initiative application (Initiativbewerbung) and fields of interest at jobs∂ Due to several weeks delay between initial interest, discussion with your supervisor and in forming the employment contract at KIT, please contact the office at least 8 to 12 weeks in advance with respect to your desired work starting date.

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